GE Medical

2364431System IF Board

2259298-122HL MOV Board

2212875DC Power Board

R330111Protistor Fuse

FLHD32-10AHJones EMI Power Filter

2259298-120Mitsubishi Magnetic Contactor S-N10

2259298-126TDK Noise Filter

2215674Rotor Capacitor Set

2259298-35SW Power Supply+5V

2259298-34SW Power Supply+12V

2214605-3Rotation V2 Board

2214604Heater Board

2212166LV Power Supply 3 Ph Board

2265276Programmed kV Control Board

2259298-39Relay Socket

2226456-3RAD I/F Board V2

2222253-3AEC Board V2

2209840EMC Filter Tri V2B

2214995AC/DC TRI V2C Board

2259298-125 No Fuse Breaker 690V 100A

2259298-114Spark Killer

2259298-32Transformer 1.9kW

2259298-112Transformer 400VA

2307324Quad Snubber V2 Board

2209548Gate CMD V2C

2214527Jedi Standard HV Tank

00-882239-05CPU Board

2112541Main Power Supply SCPU

00-9011151-01Control Panel Keypad

00-902083-01Backplane Board

99-879004-10Video Controller Board

2100937-171.5T Phased Array Shoulder Coil

2259298-18Switch Power Supply

2252611-3Ion Chamber

2288705Bucky Handle w/ Button

46-286129p22Fixed Grid

2176788Cassette Tray

5166198LH Bucky Control Board

2259298-24Pedal I/F Board

2259298-26Table Logic Control Board

6123440Lateral table Lock Plate Assembly

2259298-17AC Contactor

2259298-20Inhibition Button

2348721Lubricant Box

2259298-19Safety Button 

2259298-67Bucky EM Lock

2259298-23Micro-Movement Anti-Collision Switch 

2259298-6EM Lock

5166198 RH Bucky Control Board

2259298-7Table Elevating Motor

46-155400G46 – MX 100 X-Ray Tube

2320993OTS Console

46-26255P3Cassette Tray

2259298-96Fixed Grid 

2252611-3Ion Chamber

26183Female Bucky Connector

2259298-21Emergency Stop Switch


2273442Top Cover Assy

2273436Anode Cover Assy

2293360Cathode Cover Assy

2259976System Console

2146642XT Control Board

46-321427P1Video Processor Board

46-321099P1Image Processor Board

46-264638G3-bVertical Scan Board

46-264640G2-ASync and Timing Board

46-321183P1Power Supply Board

2287636Generic CPU-B1U

46-264716G1-AImage Gate Control

46-264468G4-8XR11 Iris Control Board

46-288422G1-BCamera Interface Board

46-226834Angulation and Top Interface Board

46-288322G1-DColl Ctrl/Servo Board

46-232730G2-AR/F Interface Board w/SCPU POS IF Pig Board

46-232686G3-BVIC Power Supply Reg Board

46-288142G1-EPWR Assist and Lock CTRL Board

GPC200APower Supply

2197212TITAN ASC Computer

2224559 – Advantx Operator Console w/ Mount

2111391Arcnet Hub Module

2281461 – ARS1 A1 Image Processor Assy

2111390 – Exposure Control Module

2203332 – Bucky LH Motor and Counterweight

46-232194 – Extender Board

46-264064 – R&F Backplane board

46-232224 – VIC Backplane Board

46-264410 – BRT. Integrator

2117159 – Fibre Link Din

46-288945P1 VIC Power Supply Fuse Module

2153976 – 20in Monochrome Monitor

B84146-G50-G2 – EPCOS Power Line Filter

2167228-2 – Command 2 Board

2164594 – Command 1 Board

2156215 Carte CPUV5 Board

042-61011201 – Power Supply

2179056-3 – Heater SCPU Board

2249074-2 – Rotor Controller Board

2122379-2C – Face Bras

AV 1092 – Allen Avionics Video Noise Eliminator

2117809 – ASC Transition Panel

2151544 – INTRCO Board

FN1394-6-05-11 – Power Entry Module

I01F1160C MicroTransceiver MX10S

2117101-7 – Digital Servo Controller

2179054 – EMC Filter Board

2155480 – DC Filter SCPU Board

2150569-2 – Main Power SCPU Board

46-232240 – HVT Interface Board

46-232244 – Gate/NDF I/F Board

46-264760 – XRII Interface Board

2179057 – Inverter SCPU Board

46-184742P4 – Horse Shoe Power Supply

46–233899G19 – Camera Head w/ Cable Comp

2261765 – AL01F Collimator

2222548-2Bore Light

2282675-7D/S Ess Mammo Control Console

2224047-2D/S Ess Mammo SA Keypad

301X-Rite Compensated Densitometer 

2214119I/O Board

5459943Proteus APR & AEC for 65kw and 80 kw

5442563Proteus Console Software

5437764Proteus Console Software V2.18VA


Siemens Medical

7716447 – Starter Board D115 E3

7759835 Interface Board D501 E2

3848681 – Filament PC Board D470 E6

8628153 – D21 E3 Controller Board

8628120 – D22 E5 User Interface Board

7759850 – D580 E2 Board

8370509 – D30 E3 CPU Board

10096599 – D31 E2 Piggy Bag Board

3073736 – D14 E3 Control PC Board

20204052 – LCD Collimator Display

3071649 – Control Panel With D23 Board

5891515 – D106 E4 Prefilter Sensor Board Assy

8362068 – D510 E3 Inverter Board

4819756 – Pre Transformer

D801005348 – ZD Laser collimator 

SG796B – OPTI150 Tube type SG796B

JWT100 – Lambda Power Supply

3NP407 – Fuse Switch Disconnector 

07462695 – Control Console

3072704 – Set of Handle w/Switches

3094539 – Transformer 400V/23,5V/230V 360VA

7124790 – C-Bank D511 Board w/Transformer 4EJ9900-1BB

5757740 – Piggy Bag Board D31A E2

8370509 – D30 E3 CPU Board

0477380 – D50 E2 Host Board

04261013001 – Celestica Power Supply Board 5-12-24V

FN610-6/06 – Schaffner Power Line Filter 110/250V

00476440 – Cassette Tray 

08167538 – 3 Field Ionization Chamber

09600750b – Stretch Grip for Wall Mounted Bucky

PA66GF2FR – Contactor 35X60 60HZ 690V

GB14048.5-2001 – 35X50 AUX Contacts

60898 – 5SX23 C25 circuit breaker 3 pole

3RT1044-1FB46 – Contactor 35X130 90A 600VAC

3RT1535-1BB40 – Contactor 45×95, AC-3, 18.5 kW, 24 V DC 24 V DC, 4-pole


5sf1005 –  DIAZED FUSE DII 25 A 500 V AC DC 500 V AC DC

7145548 – Grid Pb r13 N70 fo 180

8952400 – Grid Pb r12 N40 fo 115

3833931 – D54 Back Plane Board

7759728 – HV Tank w/D532 Board

KF 2S-MED-AP – Steute Foot Switch

10140394D802 Connector Board






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